About Us


LINDA HOOD, CO-FOUNDER (pictured with her mother, Vida Finnegan) - Many businesses are formed out of a need, a dream, or an idea that was stumbled upon on as we move through life.

After raising four beautiful children with her husband, Linda started to realize that their family memories and adventures were not well documented or preserved. In fact, most of their photos, slides, and videos were stored in bags and boxes around the house, as well as in the labyrinth of different cell phones. This was her impetus to help in the creation of Gatheritup.com, a program that allows families and friends to preserve, organize, and distribute pictures, videos, and stories. She knew Gatheritup.com would help not only her family, but everyone who wants to connect more positively and successfully with people important to them.

Linda has always been committed to helping families and friends. In 2015, her mother, Vida Finnegan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Linda will be donating a percentage of the company's proceeds to the Alzheimer's Association to aid in Alzheimer's care, support, and research.

We hope you will join Gatheritup. Not only will you benefit through effectively organizing and sharing pictures, videos, and stories, but you will also be a part of helping others in need.


GARY HOOD, CO-FOUNDER - Maybe because he's getting older and plans to do what he wants to do, maybe it's having more confidence, or maybe more wisdom, but Gary knows this project is long overdue and is proud to introduce you to Gatheritup.com.

After raising four beautiful children with his wife, Linda, Gary realized that their family memories and adventures were not well documented or preserved and decided to change this. After three long years of planning and development, he has created a unique software program that is now available worldwide.

Gary started growing his business talents at a young age working for the Oakland Raiders. After graduating from Sacramento State University in California, Gary worked at the City of Concord, Department of Leisure Services, where he created the city's first handicapped program, taught outdoor education, and was the acting director for Camp Sierra for the Handicapped. While working for Paris / LaLanne Inc., he was instrumental in helping the company launch an expansion program that grew to seven health and fitness locations - five in northern California and two in Oregon. He supervised a staff of 185 spread over seven locations. After founding the G/R Garon Corporation, where he was President and General Manager for five thriving health and fitness centers for twenty-five years, he is now pursuing other opportunities. Today, he can be found gracing the pages of the National Fitness Trade Journal, where he is a featured writer. He is currently devoting full time to his new venture, Gatheritup.com.

In addition to his passion for new challenges, he volunteers with the local school district, is an active skier and hiker, and occasionally tries to hit a golf ball when he's not walking his two dogs.


GARY and MARSHA GRESHAM, PARTNERS - Gary and Marsha have been instrumental with the design and creation of Gatheritup.com. They understand the importance of documenting and sharing memories and adventures with family and friends and have devoted many hours to make this project possible.

They have been married for 53 years and like most families with three children and ten grandchildren, they have accumulated more than their share of pictures, slides, and videos.

Gary has a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation. He has worked with handicapped children and adults and was instrumental in developing the Special Olympics at both county and state levels. Gary also holds a Junior College teaching credential and MS degree in Administration and has supervised the Senior Citizens Center for the City of Concord in California. In addition, he is a private pilot, scuba diver, skier, hunter, fisherman, and all around outdoor enthusiast.

Marsha, Gary's better half, has worked in accounting and management for a large chain of restaurants in California. During her spare time, she teaches Sunday School to children, and loves the time spent with the her grandkids. Creating and developing Gatheritup is a project that both Gary and Marsha have enjoyed.


CATE SUNDLING, PARTNER - For over ten years, Cate has been our go-to editor for our writing projects in both magazine articles and webpage descriptions.

Having retired after 25 years as an English teacher, Cate has moved into editing and proofreading with a passion that baffles her friends. She also serves as a volunteer teacher of English to refugee children on an island in Greece, children who are there with no parent or guardian accompanying them.

When home, she spends time with her husband in their cabin in the woods. However, whether Cate is out of the country or in the mountains - or home reading and relaxing, she always makes herself available when her expertise is needed. She is very happy to be using Gatheritup to syphon through and organize her photos not only to share with her friends and family, but to keep as memories for herself.